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Readers write … North Road – Where’s the research?

Does our Lib Dem council do any research? It seems not. Before Bath’s Lib Dem-led council permanently closes North Road to turn it into a cycle path, do you think our very wise council actually tried to see if Bath’s VOI e-scooters can actually make it up North Road? You would think they would check, wouldn’t you?

We all know the Lib Dems don’t believe in consultations, we all know they don’t believe in research. So before they spend vast amounts of our money on this scatty North Road scheme, we thought best to check it out for them.

Nobody who weighs in excess of 75kg (11.8 stone) can use a VOI scooter to go up North Road. They simply aren’t powerful enough to make it.

Before the Lib Dems throw our money away, perhaps they might have carried out even the most basic of research?

Mark N. Stricklin,

Crown Guardians Bath Ltd.,

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  1. Dan says:

    The plan is to put in a bus gate in one direction as a trial. Not sure what motives there are for spreading misinformation regarding this by claiming the road will be permanently closed.
    Having travelled around Europe, I have seen cycle infrastructure in Switzerland, France, Spain, and Italy in hilly and even mountainous areas that was very well used. There were pensioners cycling up hills and many of the less able using e-bikes. In Switzerland for example many towns see 15% of journeys made by cycle.
    What we consider a normal or average person these days in the UK is a far heavier and less fit person than what our European neighbours or our grandparents considered average. 75% of all hospital admissions these days are related to illnesses resulting from poor lifestyle choices.
    We should be encouraging more people to achieve a very basic level of fitness where they can at a minimum cycle up a moderate hill. Just because a few people feel they do not want to try or that it will always be beyond them, is not reason enough to deny others the opportunity to cycle in safety and enjoy good health.

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