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Campaign to stop Min hotel plan stepped up

THE campaign to stop Bath’s Royal Water Mineral Hospital – the Min – being turned into a luxury ‘lifestyle’ hotel has been stepped up as the June 8 deadline for objections to the planning application approaches.

Having had its first plan for converting the Min (1738) rejected by councillors last year, the building’s owner – Fragrance UK – has produced revised proposals and submitted a second application.

The changes have not satisfied the objectors, who say the proposal:

  • Damages a listed building with no public benefit
  • Blocks out light for residents in neighbouring apartments
  • Destroys the Min’s garden, rich in wildlife
  • Creates a ‘massive’ carbon footprint

They also point to the council’s local plan, which says that no more luxury hotels are needed, adding that Bath’s existing hotels are ‘already struggling’.

Comments on the plan can be registered, by June 8, at …


The campaigners can be reached at …


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2 comments for Campaign to stop Min hotel plan stepped up

  1. Kristina Mowat says:

    This proposal seems to be utterly misconceived. Not only is the Royal Mineral Hospital a beautiful building in a world heritage site, but its purpose has always been for the good of the community. How can a luxury hotel be any kind of benefit to the community? Bath has too many hotels(several of these half empty). The Royal Mineral Hospital with its lovely garden should be available to and preserved for the community and not for yet another wealthy developer.

  2. Dr Olivia Lousad says:

    The beautiful building of the Min was built to serve the principle of care the city of Bath is famous for because of its healing waters. It was not a city built for tourists and the wealthy. In this day and age, with the enormous environmental peril of our planet and the alarm on covid, all efforts by mankind should be directed to the preservation of biodiversity and wellbeing of the peoples of , in this case, the area of Bath.
    Luxury hotels do none of this and therefore violates the urgent intentions
    of Bath to be one of the leading cities for invention and care for the generations to come. Please do not loose the integrity of Bath
    Thank you.

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