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48 applications for Liveable Neighbourhoods

THE request by Bath & NE Somerset Council for Liveable Neighbourhoods submissions has generated 48 applications, which include:

  • 28 Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)
  • 6 Safe Routes to School/School Streets
  • 3 pedestrian safety/public realm schemes
  • 1 HGV enforcement scheme
  • 6 residents’ parking zones (without an LTN)
  • 4 on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities (without an LTN)

Because many of the applications, particularly in Bath, were adjacent to similar proposals, the areas have been strategically linked to ensure, says the council, ‘that synergies can be identified, and area-wide benefits delivered’

Priority areas have been based on the following parameters:

  • Number of households
  • Alignment with LTN objectives/severity of issues
  • Potential timeframe/complexity
  • Alignment with wider strategy, including a) Proximity to schools b) Proximity to local centre or a significant recreation facility c) Within the Bath Clean Air Zone or Air Quality Management Areas  d) Area of multiple deprivation (top 30% most deprived wards in England) e) Area with childhood obesity above B&NES average.

The Liveable Neighbourhood scheme development, says the council in an update paper (file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/Liveable%20Neighbourhoods%20Update.pdf) will be ‘informed by community engagement in collaboration with ward members, residents’ associations, business, other organizations and individual advocates in the areas concerned’.

The council’s cabinet will review the outcome of this prioritization process and agree the list of priority areas at its meeting on June 23.

Funding to implement Liveable Neighbourhoods is identified as a provisional Transportation Delivery Programme allocation …  

2020/21 £120,000,

2021/22 £1.48 million

2022/23 £500,000

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