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Bath Tories ask Transport minister to stop ‘unfair’ Ring of Steel plan

THE Conservative group on Bath and North East Somerset Council has asked the government for help in the fight to stop the council’s town centre Ring of Steel proposals.

Councillor Vic Pritchard, leader of the Conservative group has written an open letter to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps to review the policy.

It follows the recent Cabinet meeting at which the council’s Liberal Democrat administration approved the plans to restrict access to Bath city centre.

In the letter, Coun. Pritchard highlighted the fact that the proposals are, in reality, insufficient to stop a terror attack and would instead leave people, especially people with mobility problems, locked out of the city centre.

He explained that the policy is against the spirit of the Equalities Act and that, following the economic shock that has been visited upon towns and cities across the country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, councillors should be championing city centres, not walling them off to residents and visitors.

‘The Ring of Steel proposals,’ he wrote, ‘are unfair and unnecessary and we are seeking help from the government to try to get this administration to see sense and ditch these controversial plans.

‘The Liberal Democrats are using the threat of terrorism to further their anti-motoring agenda and further demonize drivers. These proposals will not actually prevent terror attacks from taking place and will simply marginalize members of our community who are not able to move around easily.’

2 comments for Bath Tories ask Transport minister to stop ‘unfair’ Ring of Steel plan

  1. David Jessep says:

    Building a ring of steel to thwart an imminent attack of terrorism from an enemy we have yet to identify. This country ( and others) are littered with defences from a bygone age that never materialised: Pillboxes, tank traps, The Wansdyke Line, Martello Towers, The Maundsell Forts, Hadrian’s Wall, The Bridgewater Stop Line.
    The Bridgwater Stop Line (at the time called the Taunton Stop Line) is a line of World War 2 defences built in the summer of 1940 stretching from the mouth of the River Parret to the Devon Coast on the English Channel.
    If there is a terror attack in Bath then so be it. Are you going to protect Radstock or BOA or Corsham or Keynsham???

  2. Mark Stricklin says:

    I have never voted Conservative but it is so refreshing to hear common sense being spoken for a change. The LibDems have compeltely and utterly lost the plot and have lost my support. Be it the LibDem Ring of Steel or building housing next door to a cherished music venue as Appleyard is a sore loser or deliberately discriminating against our disabled and elderly friends and neighbours or their utterly hopeless management of traffic and air quality or maybe the LibDem fear of 5G has swung it for me. There is a wide open goal and the LibDems have handed the Conservative party the ball on a plate. All they have to do is get rid of Bozo and his Circus and show us some credible local candidates and it is game over for the 4th place disgraced LibDems once and for all. Fingers and toes crossed. Bath deserves better…

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