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The hole in the traffic ban plan

COUNCILLORS and officials working on the so-called ring of steel plan to ban virtually all traffic from Bath’s historic centre – the alleged security purpose of which is to keep the space safe from terrorists using cars and vans as weapons – might have noticed that the latest attack – in New Zealand – was by a knife-wielding pedestrian who stabbed six customers in a supermarket.

It’s been the method recommended by Islamic State for some years.

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  1. Nick Morgan says:

    Bath’s ring of steel will be about as much use against terrorists as France’s Maginot Line was in 1939; a defence built to address the tactics of WW1 and completely useless against the new tactics of WW2. As you say, terrorists have moved on and attacks using vehicles are now history. The Maginot line has since become a metaphor for expensive efforts that offer a false sense of security, which precisely describes the ring of steel. It would be so much better if Lib Dem councillors would be honest and admit that they simply want to ban cars from Bath City Centre, rather than hide behind the smokescreen of this being for security reasons.

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